Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pressure of Education on the Students

Pressure of Education on Students
Oh! Baby, My beautiful Baby! Your touch softens my heart
Your smile lights up my life
I will wait for the day when you can look at my face and smile at me.
I promise to take care of you as the most precious gem in my life.
Did you get confuse that I am starting on a poem? This is not a poem. These are the thoughts every mother, every father feels when they look at their new-borns.
New born grows into infant, then to toddler and our “beautiful baby” starts going to school. Our expectations about the baby start to grow.
Why can’t he draw a full circle when his friends can do?
Why is she so shy in dancing when her friends are dancing?
Why are his grades low, when his friends score better?
A lot of Pressure on the Students are Exerted by Parents
Anxieties grow for the parents. We start pressurising our “beautiful baby”. Extra coaching, tuition classes, home tutoring and the list goes on to make our “beautiful baby” come first among his friends .
Our “beautiful baby” is sent for coaching from seventh standard onwards for a seat in the country’s prestigious institutions probably because we could not get one.He is sent for medical entrance examination (which he has to appear after 12th standard) coaching from eighth standard onwards to make him a doctor probably because we could not become one.
Day after day we dream about our “beautiful baby” winning accolades.

But are we on the right track?

This thought came to my mind after reading an article about students’ suicides in some of the prestigious educational institutions in India which was featured in a weekly magazine.
There are quite a good number of suicides happening in these premier institutions where the best brains of the country are admitted. Parental pressure is pointed out as one of the significant reasons for this.Some students reported that they had to stop all kinds of extracurricular activities from class 8 onwards to attend the coaching classes for the entrance examination of these institutes. In India, you will find such coaching centres at every nook and corner of the country.

Parents need to Train Children on Life Skills

We, parents forget to train our children on life skills. They fail to cope up with the pressures of a professional school, land up in adjustment problems in college and hostel, and end up in love failures, because we trained them to be just MCQ monsters. After a very strict atmosphere at home, till 12th standard, when they go to hostels and stay on their own, they are getting access to many things to which they may indulge in by compulsion and more often than not by choice.
Unnecessary expectations from parents force the children to keep unachievable goals and deadlines for themselves and when they fail to keep up with parents’ aspirations, tragedy starts.

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