Monday, August 24, 2015

Why Am I Feeling Sad?

Today I am feeling sad. For the last full week, in the ICU, I saw a patient who got admitted with meningo-encephalitis. He was around 45 years old. He was not improving after admission; was not deteriorating as well
Throughout he was disoriented and agitated. When we moved closer to him to greet him, he gave a cute smile like a child
I just hoped that he will improve slowly.
But today morning, as soon as I entered the ICU, I noticed that his breathing was not alright. He was breathing deeply and faster. He was not responding to calls or to pain.
To make long story, short, he was diagnosed with septic shock. BP not recordable and temperature below normal
He was started on inotropes (noradrenaline) and was shifted immediately to an ICU where ventilators  are available
later I came to know that he was put on ventilator and now battling for life with two inotropes, mechanical ventilation, antibiotics, warmer and all the other supportive measures
I don't know him personally; but when I look at the way he sleeps without any response, I feel sad...

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